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Ligaya and Gulaman: A World War in Pangako Sa'Yo November 23,2015 09:27 AM

Ligaya and Gulaman: A World War in Pangako Sa’Yo

In the past few episodes, we witnessed the never-ending pranks between Angelo (Daniel Padilla) and Joy (Sue Ramirez). From simple antics such as covering each other's face with flour to well-thought of ones such as covering a bicycle with mud and feces, the two seem to have a thick playbook and unlimited list of tricks up their sleeves for acts of retribution. In the middle of all this, Angelo calls Joy as "Ligaya" while the latter calls her nemesis as "Gulaman."

It was only last Friday that it was pointed out to us how this "world war" even started. It wasn't about Angelo closing the bakery when Joy arrived one day, as Kabayan (Bayani Agbayani) thought. It wasn't even about Angelo grabbing Joy's seat at church, as what Lolo Greggy (Tirso Cruz III) said. It didn't even start when Angelo didn't pay the exact amount for the lime (dayap) he bought from Joy's fruit stand, as what Monay (Mickey Ferriols) pointed ot. Upon careful recollection, Angelo traced their first encounter to that moment when he biked through a muddy road and caused the filthy water to go into Joy's mouth. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now that we finally know what started it all, let's take a look back at what the two have been up to so far:


1) An Eye for an Eye, A Mud Splash for a Mud Splash

Clad in formal clothes, Angelo rides his bike home after a completing his “mission” at Andrew Garcia's bar. Unknown to him, Joy's waiting by her capiz window—not for a harana but for her enemy to pass by so she can pull a nylon leading to Gelo's fall on the mud.


2) Special Lime with Chili

Joy personally delivers Angelo's ordered lime to Lolo Greggy's bakery. Of course, it wasn't just any other dayap for the archenemies. The fruit was rubbed with chili that when he rubbed it on his face, it irritated his skin. Gelo runs after Joy and, unfortunately, falls face flat on the floor covered with water.